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Anti-Semitism: Scary and Real

SCARY AND REAL: The very real and scary rise in anti- Semitism world-wide has been the topic of many recent articles and YouTube videos.  Every generation faces its set of challenges, some reminiscent of times past while others are custom-made.  But regardless of time or place, anti-Semitism is somewhere in the shadows lurking its ugly head or flat out screaming in our face.  Please have a look at the three following articles to gain a better perspective on the ever present and growing growl.

Wiesenthal Center top 10 list: Worst global anti-Semitic/anti-Israel incidents of 2014 -Jerusalem Post

Anti-Semitism is inherently genocital, says expert -Jerusalem Post

The Jewish Voices on Campus- YouTube video.  If you are in college or have children going to college, you need to prepare for this, understand it and how it cannot be tolerated.  One viewer says, "I am speechless listening to these students.  It is shocking how history repeats itself in my lifetime.  It is so disillusioning to reflect on humanity and its stumbling nature.  It is a shocking truth which we will have to awaken one day soon.  It is a virus that has come to America."